On the Resurrection Morning

The Hymn "On the Resurrection Morning" was one of those sung at the hymn service lead by Revd. Ernest Courtenay Carter.

The words were written by Sabine Baring-Gould (1834-1924) and the music "Resurrection Morn" by Ira David Sankey (1840-1908)

On the resurrection morning,
Soul and body meet again,
No more sorrow, no more weeping,
No more pain.

Here awhile they must be parted,
And the flesh its Sabbath keep,
Waiting in a holy stillness,
Wrapped in sleep.

For a space the tirèd body
Waits in peace the morning's dawn
When there breaks the last and brightest
Easter morn.

On that happy Easter morning
All the graves their dead restore,
Father, mother, sister, brother,
Meet once more.

Soul and body, reunited,
Henceforth nothing shall divide,
Waking up in Christ's own likeness,

Resurrection Morning (Sankey) (midi)

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