Rio Pirahy


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European and Brazilian Steam Ship Cp., Ltd. (Petersen and Co., Ltd. Managers)

Westbound, Narvik, Norway to Philadelphia via Halifax. Arrived Philadelphia 22 April and reported that on 8 April, in the vicinity of 42 degrees 44 ‘ N. by 49 degress 34’ W. had passed for seven hours a large quantity of field ice containing numerous icebergs.

Port of Registry: London
Flag of Registry: British
Signal letters: T B Q S
Steel hull, one funnel, single screw
Funnel: Buff
Company flag: White blunt-nosed pennant quartered by a red cross, red rectangle at center containing a large red “P”
Tonnages: gross 3,561 underdeck 3,359 net 2,297
Dimensions: length 341.5 ft. width 46.7 ft. depth 25.8 ft.

1901 Built and engineered by John Redhead & Sons, South Shields , yard no. 357

Engines: triple-expansion 3 cyl. 24”, 40”, 65” by 45” stroke 294 NHP 160 lbs op. steam pressure

1901 1 Oct. Launched as Exmoor for Moore Line, London

21 Nov. Trials

6 Dec. Maiden voyage, Tynemouth-Sulina- Romania-Antwerp-Blyth (arrived 8 Feb. 1902).

1911 Acquired by European and Brazilian Steamship Co., Ltd. And renamed Rio Pirahy

1918 In the North Atlantic, 60 miles south of Cape St. Vincent, Portugal intercepted and captured by German submarine. Crew left in lifeboats after the ship was sunk by shelling.

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Rio Pirahy


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