RMS Titanic Miscellany

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IRISH ACADEMIC PRESS : The RMS Titanic Miscellany

John D.T. White
Foreword by Eamonn Holmes

Titanic Micellany‘The RMS Titanic Miscellany is the quintessential book to learn just about all you ever wanted to know about this magnificent leviathan...A must-have book for all Titanic enthusiasts.’
Robert J Cooper, CEO of Harland & Wolff

  • A gloriously quirky mixture of facts, trivia, compendiums, biographies and much more besides.
  • May 2011 marks the centenary of the ship’s launch.

Within these pages, the reader will enjoy hundreds of fascinating facts about Titanic on a wide range of topics – from her sister ships, to the Harland & Wolff Shipyard where she was built. Discover Thomas Andrews her architect, Titanic’s maiden voyage, Captain Smith, the passengers onboard, and the ship’s construction and dimensions. Learn about the signals of ice warnings the vessel received, the moment she struck the iceberg, the shortage of lifeboats and extraordinary accounts of heroism aboard Titanic when it was clear she was going to sink.

Painstakingly researched, The RMS Titanic Miscellany will bring hours of reading pleasure to everyone who is intrigued with the enormity, grandeur and mystique associated with Titanic.

John David Thomas White, MA, is Belfast-born and proud of it. His father, John McDermot White, worked in the famous Harland &Wolff Shipyard at Queen’s Island, Belfast all his life. John grew up in East Belfast during the 1960s and 1970s, close to the dry dock where the world-famous ship, RMS Titanic, was constructed. Indeed, the giant Harland & Wolff cranes, Samson and Goliath, can still be seen today from the Short Strand area where John
lived and played and where his mum still lives in the family home in Harper Street. Although this is John’s first book on Titanic he has had more than 30 titles published.

ISBN 978 0 7165 3086 2

Hardback $24.95 only $22.50. Return this form or call (800) 944-6190

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