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TRENTON, April 19---Ferdinand W. Roebling, jr., of 216 West Statestreet, late last night telephoned from New York to this city saying that neither Washington A. Roebling, 2d, nor Stephen W. Blackwell was among the rescued passengers on the Carpathia when the vessel arrived at the pier.

All hope has now been given up for the two Trentonians, and it is almost certain that they went down with the great liner and are at the bottom of the sea.

F. W. Roebling, jr., and Karl G. Roebling, cousins of Washington A. Roebling, 2d, and William J. Blackwell and Henry C. Blackwell, brothers of Stephen W. Blackwell, left here for New York yesterday morning.

They secured the necessary passes allowing them to enter the Cunard pier and were there early last evening among thousands of other anxious ones waiting for the Carpathia to arrive. As the survivors walked slowly from the big vessel to the pier or were assisted down the elevators by friends they were eagerly scanned by heartbroken relatives.

When the last ones had left the vessel, Messrs. Roebling and Blackwell turned away, disappointed, and returned to the Waldorf-Astoria, where they remained for the night. The members of the Bonnell family, of Youngstown, O., accompanied Mr. Roebling and Mr. Blackwell to Europe. Miss Caroline Bonnell, the only one of the family to be rescued, was too nervous to be seen when she left the ship. She will talk with the Roeblings to-day at the Waldorf and give what information she can.

A few days ago former Senator Jonathan Blackwell, father of Stephen W. Blackwell, received a letter from him. It was mailed just before he sailed from Europe. He spoke of having met the Bonnells on the boat.

Rose Stahl last evening telephoned to a relative of hers in this city that her manager, Henry B. Harris, went down with the Titanic, while his wife was saved.


Mark Baber, USA


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