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Brother and Partner of Titanic Victim Residuary Legatee
The appraisal of the estate of George Rosenshine, President of Rosenshine Bros., importers of ostrich feathers, who perished in the Titanic disaster, was filed yesterday showing total assets of $162,118, of which his interest in the firm of Rosenshine Bros., at 57 East Eleventh Street, amounted to $161,033. The firm discontinued business on Jan. 1, 1912, and the assets of $350,953 were divided between the decedent and his brother, Albert A. Rosenshine, who was also made residuary legatee under his brother's will after there had been made legacies of $1,000 apiece to seven nephews and nieces and $150 apiece to Mount Sinai Hospital, Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum and the Montefiore Home.

At the time when the body of Mr. Rosenshine was recovered there was found in his clothing $435 according to the affidavits of the executors, and his relatives, who went to Halifax, gave the crew of the Mackay-Bennett $100 to be divided among the men. This was deducted from the estate. In accord with the provisions of the will the executors also built a mausoleum costing $7,500.

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