Rostron beats Himself to New York by Wireless

The Times

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Page 17
Photograph sent by Wireless
London to New York

The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company states that when the Mauretania arrived in New York yesterday, under Captain Rostron, he found that a copy of his photograph had reached the United States before him, although it was only sent from London in the early hours of the morning.
It was handed to him with an apparently handwritten message of explanation when the Mauretania docked.
The photograph, which had been transmitted across the Atlantic by wireless from Radio House, the London office of Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Company was a copy of one handed to Captain Ranger, the inventor of the photo-wireless system on the last voyage of the Mauretania from New York to Southampton.
Along with the photograph Captain Ranger sent a note, which was received in New York in his own handwriting.

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