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Berengaria Master Sails Alone Because of British Quarantine
Captain Sir Arthur Rostron, master of the Cunarder Berengaria, sailed early yesterday morning for the first time in many years without his pet Persian cat Abdul. The animal had to be left behind in Southampton, he said, because of the new ruling of
the Board of Agriculture ordering that all cats must be quarantined six months before entering the country.

Many friends of the captain, who have visited the Berengaria in port, have missed the faithful white feline which usually dozed on Sir Arthur's settee. The animal has been deaf a long time and understood onlt signs made by the captain.

Stewards of the ship were not sorry Abdul had been left and judging from the way they spoke, the cat was not popular on board.

[Note: The headline, which is clearly not consistent with the body of the article, is nonetheless what appears in the original.]

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