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Sailor of Titanic Says She Gave Her Shawl

to Baby of Steerage Passenge

New York, April 22---Jack Foley, a member of the crew of the Titanic, who was in the lifeboat in which Mrs. Astor was placed, praised her courage during the arduous trip in the open boat.

"Mrs. Astor is the bravest little woman I ever met," said he.  "Sitting next to her was a Swedish woman with a little three-year-old girl.  The little girl was whimpering with the cold.  Mrs. Astor took her shawl and threw it about the shoulders of this woman.

"When the explosion occurred aboard the Titanic Mrs. Astor made some kind of a sound, but I couldn't understand whether she said anything or merely sobbed.  She turned her head away from the direction of the vessel.  When the ship went down, and that awful moan was heard, she didn't say anything, but she covered her face with her hands."

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