Salvationists on the Titanic: Two Rescued

War Cry!

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- Mother spends five hours on raft and sees sons drown -

Died Like true Soldiers Commissioner Eva Booth Meets Survivors Indescribably Pathetic Scenes at Wharf

- New York Stricken with Grief -

Army Sheltering Refugees From Wrecked Liner Public Appreciation of the General's message - Reply from President Taft. (By Cable).

New York. Together with a number of our officers I was with the relief staff at the wharf to meet the steamship Carpathia, which docked with its seven hundred and five survivors of the ill-fated Titanic at nine o'clock on Thursday night. The scenes witnessed as the sufferers were brought shore were too terrible to describe. Mind cannot imagine nor tongue express the deep pathos of the heart-rending meetings that took place between relatives and friends. Mothers, children, husbands and wives called aloud the names of their loved ones lost, and strong men were overcome by their emotions. Mrs. Abbott, a Salvationist in uniform, was rescued after five hours drifting on a raft, during which time her two sons, aged 16½ and 13½, were drowned before her eyes. they died, I am assured, like true Salvationists. Mrs. Abbott is now seriously ill in hospital, owing to long exposure on the raft she was frozen up to the hips. Mrs. Nye, a young woman Soldier, who is employed at the New York Headquarters, is also safe. We have assisted a considerable number of refugees, and are taking care of several at the Training College and other Institutions. Am working day and night for the relief and consolation of all. I have placed the accommodation of our Halls and Institutions at the disposal of the Mayor for this purpose, and am personally superintending the Army relief efforts. I remained at the dock until after one o'clock (midnight). We served hot coffee and sandwiches for the workers at the wharf. The General's message is deeply appreciated. A copy was sent to President Taft, who has cabled his thanks to The General. The message has now been published. New York is stricken with grief. Rich and poor are united under one great wave of sorrow and sympathy. God has indeed spoken. Evangeline Booth Commissioner.

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  1. Ebenezer said:

    My question is - Were they the Salvationists that played ' nearer my God to thee' during the scene?

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