Samuel Goldenberg's first disaster

Had already experienced disaster in 1910

Samuel Goldenberg's first disaster
The French paper Le Journal, on 20 April 1912, read:

"Mr. S.-L. Goldenberg crosses the Atlantic three times a year; he was a passenger on the liner that caused the Pluviôse disaster. As an important lace importer, he is well known on the Riviera, where he lives in the wintertime, and in Aix-les-Bains, a town where he regularly stops.
President founder of the Société Canine de Savoie and of the Bull Dog Club de France, he recently was called as a jury at a dog fancy show in Monte-Carlo. There are not too many Frenchmen who are invited in Great Britain as jury at the British Kennel Club; the only Frenchmen who ever were invited as jury in Great Britain are Mr. S.-L. Goldenberg, Mr. Menans de Corre and Mr. Mégnin."

On 26 May 1910, the French liner "Ville-de-Calais" steamed out of Calais harbour, where Goldenberg lived and worked, and rammed the "Pluviôse", a submarine that was just about to emerge, killing 27 submariners. Goldenberg was a passenger on board the "Ville-de-Calais", on his way to New York, when the disaster occured. The sinking of the "Pluviôse" was felt as a national loss in France.

The two Frenchmen quoted in this article are:

- Mr. Menans de Corre, who raised Schnauzers and Pinschers; he defined the characteristics of the two breeds;

- Mr. Mégnin, who along with Mr. Emmanuel Boulet, gave the characteristics of the Beauceron breed (1898).

The picture of the "Pluviôse", raised from the bottom of the harbour in Calais in order to recover the dead submariners, is from "L'Illustration", 18 June 1910 (collection Olivier Mendez)

It is interesting to note that Goldenberg was considered as a Frenchman by the French press.

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