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The Titanic is a brilliant subject for an educational project. It encompasses so many facets of history and life.

To help you with your school's Titanic project we have a free access programme which you can sign up to for the duration of your project.

Some of the schools that have used Encyclopedia Titanica in recent projects:

Get ad-free access for your class

If you are a teacher in a school, college or other educational institution (including museums) you and your children can enjoy complete access to Encyclopedia Titanica without the distraction of adverts for the duration of your project.

Print out or download any biographies or articles. New

If you need a hard copy, each biography and article is available in PDF or printer-friendly format.

Unlimited access to the Encyclopedia Titanica Passengers and Crew Data New

You can copy or download the latest data as spreadsheets from the normal passenger and crew lists or using the people explorer. This can be especially helpful if your project involves data analysis or statistics.

Deck Plan Poster

We can send you a set of the Titanic deckplans including a poster you can print for your classroom wall!

Make your own Titanic Tickets

Engage your students with the real Titanic story by encouraging them to download and print their own Titanic tickets based on a real 1912 original.

You can choose someone entirely at random or select class, gender, age etc.

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Access for all your students is completey free of charge but to help us just a little we ask that the person applying (or their institution) has an Encyclopedia Titanica subscription.

Finally, please tell us how you used the site, send some pictures for our gallery, and give us your feedback on ways we can improve the site for schools.

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