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Please tell us how you use Encyclopedia Titanica in your school and how we can do more to help you.

Below are some helpful resources for teachers and pupils.

Ad-Free Access for Schools

If you are a teacher in a school, college or other educational institution we would like to offer you and your class the opportunity to access Encyclopedia Titanica without the distraction of adverts.

You will appreciate that it is only through advertising and paid subscriptions that sites like this can exist. So, much as you would always pay for textbooks for your school, we hope that in exchange you will send a supportive contribution. However, this is a request not a requirement.

We hope you, your pupils or students find Encyclopedia Titanica helpful and interesting and we would love to have your feedback on ways we can improve it for schools especially.

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Make your own Titanic Tickets

Engage your students with the real Titanic story by encouraging them to download and print their own Titanic tickets based on a real 1912 original.

You can choose someone entirely at random or select class, gender, age etc.

Try it now.

Colouring Pages

Titanic Colouring Page

These colouring pages from may be helpful for those with younger children.

Titanic Colouring Pages.