Seaman Tells of Captain's Death

Chicago Tribune

G. A. Hogg, able seaman, told tonight of the fate of Capt. Smith.  Hogg says that, as the Titanic sank, a big wave washed him over the side and he landed on a raft carrying thirty-five persons.

"The next moment I saw Capt. Smith in the water alongside the raft.  'There's the skipper,' I yelled, 'give him a hand,' and they did.  But he shook himself free and shouted to us, 'Goodbye boys, I'm going to follow the ship.  That was the last we saw of our skipper."

Hogg said that later they were transfeerred to a lifeboat in which there was a woman devoid of clothing. She was numb with the cold and some of the men took off their coats and wrapped her up in them, but she died soon afterward.

[New York, April 19.]

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