Sees Capt. Smith, and Then Calls Physician

The Washington Herald

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Baltimore, July 20---Peter Pryal, a wealthy, retired mariner, of this city,
who was a shipmate of Capt. Smith, of the Titanic, for seventeen years,
declared to-day that he saw Capt Smith in Baltimore yesterday and talked
with him. He said he met him on the street on Thursday and accosted him, but
the commander brushed by him angrily. The next day, he declares, he saw him
again and followed him around the city to a railroad station, where the
captain bought a ticket for Washington.

Just as he was about to pass through the gates, Pryal declares, the man
turned to him and greeted him by name. "I am on business, don't worry me,
Pryal," he said. "Be good to yourself, old shipmate, till we meet again."

Pryal is under the care of a physician, suffering from nervous shock brought
on by the experience. His physician declares he is absolutely sane. He is
well known in Baltimore and an active church member.

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