Senator Guggenheim Fearful That His Brother is Dead

Washington Times

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Senator Simon Guggenheim of Colorado waited eagerly and anxiously today for some word that would indicate the fate of his brother, Benjamin, who was a Titanic passenger. Senator Guggenheim this forenoon had not given up all hope, but he was fearful that his brother had gone to the bottom with the rest of the host of the drowned.

Senator Guggenheim said: "I have not heard a word from my brother. I have asked our New York office to send me anything they learn, but I have not heard from them and it is apparent they can find out nothing.

“My brother was on the Titanic. He was not accompanied by any other members of his family. He went abroad on a business trip and was returning. He had been in London and Paris, where he has offices."

Senator Guggenheim pointed to the reports that some other passengers than the women and children had been picked up by other vessels than the Carpathia as affording some ground for hope.

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