Service held for Rev Ernest and Mrs Carter

Bucks Free Press

At the service held on Sunday evening by the Baptists, at the Town Hall, Penn-road, conducted by Mr F Saunders, of Seer Green (Ex-President of the Bucks Baptist Association), allusion was made to was made to the terrible catastrophe. The music and singing were appropriate to the occasion.
The Rev Ernest C Carter and Mrs Carter, who lost their lives on the Titanic, were cousins of Mr G A Charsley, J.P., of Beaconsfield. Mrs Carter was the daughter of Judge Hughes, who wrote “Tom’s Brown’s Schooldays”. The Rev. Ernest Carter was the son of the Rev George Carter, who rowed in Oxford and Cambridge boat race in 1834, and his uncle, the Rev. John Carter, participated in a similar race in 1830.

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Transcribed by Rebecca Jobes Gurney

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