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Arthur Ryerson and W. F. Hoyt Among Them; Mrs. Cassebeer Safe

Among the locally known people who are believed to have been lost in the Titanic disaster is Arthur Ryerson of Chicago, who, with his wife, two daughters and one small son were aboard the ill-fated vessel.

Mr. And Mrs. Lewis Seymour of this city are friends of the Ryerson family. Mrs. Ryerson and her three children are believed to have been rescued while Mr. Ryerson went down with the other heroes of the great marine tragedy.

W.F. Hoyt of New York City, senior partner of the firm of Houghton, Lee & Hoyt, lace importers, and a friend of many years’ standing of Benjamin F. Welden of this city, was one of the passengers on the Titanic when the ship went down.

Mr. Welden received a message from friends in New York last night, telling of the fate of Mr. Hoyt, who had been abroad to arrange for the firm’s Fall importation of laces.

Mr. Hoyt jumped overboard, was picked up by one of the lifeboats and taken aboard the Carpathia, but died from the effects of exposure, a few moments after he was received on the rescuing vessel, and was buried at sea.

The condition of Mrs. L. Vernette Fosdick, matron of the House of the Good shepherd, whose condition was alarming yesterday, is somewhat better today. Last night she received a telegram from New York, notifying her of the safe arrival in New York of her daughter, Mrs. H. A. Cassebeer, who is one of the survivors from the Titanic disaster.


“The Loss of the Titanic” will be the theme of the Rev. William Doidge at the Plymouth Congregational Church on Sunday evening.

Rev. Doidge had the privilege of seeing the ill-fated ship at the Belfast dock last Summer, just after she had been launched. He has also crossed several times on other vessels and is qualified to speak on this subject with perhaps a greater degree of intelligence than almost any one in Binghampton.


Michael Poirier, USA


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