Shaldon and the Disaster

Teignmouth Post

Mr. Henry Forbes Julian, one of the first-class passengers, of Redholme, Torquay, is also among the missing. He formerly resided at Ness House. Mr. Forbes made a fortune in South Africa with a patent for separating gold from quartz, and during his residence at Shaldon tried several experiments on the sea water. The irony of his case is that he had booked a passage on the Olympic, but, being anxious to spend Easter at home transferred to the ill-fated Titanic.
In addition to the above, one of the seamen, named White, formerly a yachtsman was resident at Shaldon before removing to Southampton, and P.C. Prideaux, the village constable, also had a nephew aboard the ill-fated vessel, who acted as clerk to the purser. He resided at Hampshire, and was the only son of his widowed mother.

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