She would not leave her husband and went down with Titanic.

Chicago Daily Tribune

Chooses To Die With Husband
Woman Defies Command Of Titanic Officer
to get into lifeboat
Milwaukee Relative is told story
of Tragic fate of the Allison family.

Milwaukee. Wis., April 19-[special]-
Thrilling as were many of the terribly pathetic ties which came from the lost Titanic, none more pitifl or tragic than that related today by long distance telephone from New York to Mrs Adam Gross of Milwaukee by her neice, of the death of Mrs. H. J. Allison of Ontario by the side of the husband she refused to leave.
With Mrs. Allison and her husband died their little daughter Lorraine, but as the last boat pushed of from the Titanic, Mrs Allison forced her sister,[sic] Miss Sadie[sic] Daniels, to take her 7[sic] months son, Wilbur[sic] and escape. Miss Daniels, although stunned by the terrible sights she had witnessed, was able to tell donnectedly, even graphically, of the story of Mrs. Allison to her husband.
here is the story as she told it to Mrs. Gross:
" sister[sic] died rather than leave her husband, when the officers refused to let both into the lifeboat. She Said life was not worth living alone and she went down, even smiling, with her arm around Herbert.[sic]
When the boat struck few realised there was any danger. Herbert[sic] and Bessie laughed and went to dress. When we stood together at the rail, as the boats were being sent away, i was standing with Wilbur[sic]and Lorraine, was with Herbert[sic] and Bessie. Then came the order. 'Women only' and an officer tried to put Bessie in the boats.
'Not without my husband' she cried.
'ou must' cried the officer, but Bessie threw her arms around Herberts[sic] neck and refused and refused to to leave him. Then after the officer stopped trying to force her into the boat, she ran to me, pushed me into the boat, and threw little Wilbur[sic] after me.
The boat was full and she grasped Lorraine in one arm, her husband with the other, and stood waving her hand, and it seemed to me, smiling as she saw us rowing to away. The last i saw of her, just as the boat started to plunge to the bottom, was Bessie turning to her husband for a farwell kiss. As the water washed to their knees, Lorraine was holding to her mothers skirts"

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