Sheffielder's Brother Missing

Sheffield Daily Telegraph

Among those who sailed on the Titanic was Mr. Lawrence Beesley, of Cambridge, a member of a family which lived in Sheffield for some years; and it is only by good fortune that his brother, Mr. Arthur Beesley, an architect in the city, has escaped the same fate. 

The family went to live in Broomgrove Road some four years ago, on the retirement from business of the father, Mr. Henry Beesley, who had been a bank manager in Derbyshire. Mr. Henry Beesley died about two years ago.

One son, Frank, isa already in Canada - at Toronto. Mr. Arthur Beelsey, who has been an architect with Messrs. C. and C.M. Hadfield, gave up that position in order to join his brother.  He intended to sail on the Titanic, but was unable to complete his preoparations in time, and had to postpone his voyage for about thee weeks.

Mr. Lawrence Beesley, who did sail in the ship, was on a holiday trip, and it was his intention, after seeing his brother in Toronto, to go to South Africa.

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