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Italian Liner Finds One in Lat. 40:39, Extremely Far South
Captains of incoming steamships are still bringing reports of ice. Capt.
Domeniconi of the Principe di Piemonte, in yesterday from Naples, reported that on April 22 in latitude 40:39, longitude 48:48 his boat passed an iceberg 900 feet long and 120 feet high. He had been warned of ice and stood far to the south, he said, and had seen this berg further south than he had ever known one to get before. The polar current, he said, was trending southwest through the centre of the Gulf Stream.

The steamer Steiermark of the Hamburg-American Line , which arrived at the Bar at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon reported that about a dozen icebergs had been passed in latitude 42, longitude 49 to 50.

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Mark Baber

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  1. Tucker1903 said:

    This article confirms my belief that my fathers ship was in the north Atlantic, south of the Titanic, when it hit the iceberg. He is currently 102 years old and often quotes his mothers experiences on that voyage to Ellis Island in 1912.

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