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Titanic passengers and crew that experienced shipwrecks either before or after the Titanic disaster.


Ramon Artagaveytia
In 1871 Ramon survived the fire and sinking of the America, close to the shore of Punta Espinillo, Uruguay.

Norman Campbell Chambers
Would survive a second accident at sea when the Vestris caught fire.

Samuel Goldenberg
First class survivor Samuel Goldenberg was a veteran of another shipwreck. When the ship he was travelling on, the paddle-steamer Pas-de-Calais, rammed and sank the submarine Pluviôse, killing 27 submariners.

Lady Duff Gordon, nee Sutherland,
Survived a shipwreck at the age of 11-12 with her mother, Mrs David Kennedy, and sister Elinor when sailing from the Jersey, Channel Island to England in about 1875. The identity of the wreck is currently unknown.

Henry Sleeper Harper
Henry Sleeper Harper survived the sinking of a vessel.

"Ten years ago [i.e. 1902] he had a narrow escape from shipwreck when a ship on which he was a passenger collided with an iceberg off Newfoundland." St-Louis Post-Dispatch, Tuesday evening, April 16, 1912

Milton Clyde Long
In June 1911 Long was aboard the SS Spokane when she ran aground and was wrecked in Seymour Narrows, British Columbia.

Harry Markland Molson
Reportedly swam away from the sinking of the Scotsman in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 1899, and in 1904 swam to shore when the Canada collided with a collier in the St. Lawrence River near Sorel.

Arthur Karl Olsen
Child survivor Artur (later Arthur) Olsen served in the US Navy in the 120s and was aboard the cruiser Omaha when she lost both masts in a typhoon whilst en route to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Oscar Wilhelm Johansson
A seaman travelling in 3rd class, reportedly survived another wreck shortly after surviving the Titanic, which one is unclear.

Edith Rosenbaum
Edith Rosenbaum (Russell) was supposedly booked (but later cancelled her passage) on an unknown ship that then blew up in Le Havre or Cherbourg harbour.  She also claimed that she had a premonition which caused her to cancel her passage on the General Chanzy which went down off Minorca killing 200 passengers.  She also claimed to have intended to sail on the last voyage of the Lusitania.  Understandably the veracity of these claims is disputed.

Charles Duane Williams
Was reportedly aboard the Arizona with his father when it collided with an iceberg in 1879.


William Clark
Survived sinking of Empress of Ireland.

David Blair (original 2nd officer)
Was navigating when the Oceanic grounded ruining his career (1914)

Edward Buley (1917)
Died aboard HMS Partridge (1917)

Frank Dymond
Reportedly survived a further three shipwrecks. The details are unknown.

Henry Samual Etches
May have survived the Britannic (1916)

Archie Jewell
Survived the sinking of the Britannic (1916) but died in the Donegal sinking (1917)

Charles Joughin
Survived further disasters to the USS Congress and USS Oregon.

Walter Hurst
Family members believe Walter Hurst also survived the Britannic (1916)

Violet Jessop
Survived the sinking of the Britannic (1916)

Charles Herbert Lightoller
Survived the wreck of the Holt Hill (1889), Oceanic (1914) and Falcon (1918)

William Charles Lindsay
Surviving the sinking of HMS Morea when it was hit by a torpedo but suffered loss of hearing.

William Chapman Peters
A quartermaster of this name survived the sinking the Britannic (1916), believed to be the Titanic seaman.  Family thought he had also survived the Lusitania but they may have confused the two vessels.

Herbert Pitman
Was involved in another, unknown, shipwreck (which he described as a minor affair).

John Priest
Survived the sinking of the Britannic (1916) and the Donegal  (1917). Coincidentally his brother Harry Priest also survived the Britannic.

Harold Prior
Survived the Southland wreck in 1915

Robert Pusey (1918)
Died aboard HMS Dirk.

Frederick William Scott
Killed in a boiler explosion while serving aboard the S.S. La Marguerite in 1915.

Christopher Arthur Shulver (1922)
Killed in a coal bunker explosion aboard the Adriatic.

Thomas Threlfall
Survived the wreck of the SS Arcadian.

George Terrill Thresher
Died on merchantman Parkhill, torpedoed, 1939.

Harry Yearsley
Survived the sinking of the Braemar Castle which was torpedoed in the Mediterranean Sea in November 1916.

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