Shoreham Man Missing [Isaac Maynard]

Brighton Argus

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A well-known Shoreham family are distressed by the fact that they have a relative as one of the members of the ship's complement who are missing.

Mr. Isaac Maynard, a son of the late Mr. Hiram Maynard, one-time coxswain of the Shoreham Lifeboat and a pilot at Shoreham Harbour, was a cook on the Titanic. No news concerning him can as yet be gleaned. Some of the crew were saved and it may yet be that he is among the number, but as to that nothing can be said.

Mr. Isaac Maynard was living at Southampton. He is married, but there are no children. He had been with the White Star line for 10 years and was serving on the Olympic when the collision occurred with the Hawke.

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