Sid Daniels in WW1

Daily Sketch

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The only man who had not been to the front - and he was very angry that he had not - was an Army Service Corps man, who had driven up a Lewisham contingent in a motor-omnibus.
He, to make up for having no fighting, was a survivor from the Titanic (Sid Daniels). He described the scene wonderfully well and ended his story with the graphic touch that when he got home again he "couldn't help but laugh to think of all he had been through."

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  1. Jean Legg said:

    I'm Sidney Daniels youngest child Jean I have almost finished writing a book on my father's interesting life. He would have been amazed and humbled at all that is written about him. A point of interest you may like to know, when my father died in 1983 he was the last surviving crew member. My father regretted not seeing action in WW1 however, he was badly injured by an unexploded shell losing part of his leg he spent 10 in total recovering. He returned to sea after WW1 until 1939

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