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Officers of the Titanic Taken from the Carpathia Secretly by Third Class Passengers' Gangway

Mrs. Antoinette Fliggenheim, who would not give her address, but friends who met her at the pier said she was Philadelphia, made the statement that a paper was passed among the surviving passengers of the Titanic before the Carpathia reached here, praying the survivors not to make a statement of any details. She said she felt in duty bound to carry out this agreement. Like many others who were hurried off the pier as soon as the rescue ship arrived, she preserved her reticence and would say nothing more than the night was clear and the sea smooth. Many other passengers who were approached by reporters declined to say a word and dismissed the interviews with a sweep of the hand. Not one in ten would submit to questioning. The officers of the Titanic were smuggled off a gangway where the third class passengers disembarked.

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