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Commander of Titanic Believes Liner Practically Unsinkable Says Flushing, L.I. Friend

NEW YORK, April 17,- The night before Capt. E.G. Smith of the Titanic started for Europe to take command of the liner, he dined with Mr. & Mrs. W. P. Willis, Flushing, L.I.

At that dinner, according to Mr. Willis, Capt. Smith was enthusiastic over the prospects of his new command. He said he shared with designer of the vessel the utmost confidence in its sea-going qualities and it was impossible for it to sink.

He looked forward to his most successful days of his seafaring career and dwelt especially on the idea that the Titanic's appearance on the Atlantic would mark a high stage of safety and comfort in the evolution of ocean travel.

He regarded the vessel as one that would keep above water in the face of the most unexpected trial. He said that even if part of the ship should be seriously damaged there need be no doubt that she would reach port.

" From what I know of Capt. Smith," Mr. Willis said tonight, "he would be the last man to leave the ship if it was sinking."

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