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Miss Esmé  Wallace, who is to marry Viscount Tiverton, son of the Earl of Halsbury, is a daughter of Lady Duff-Gordon by her first husband, and is a niece of Eleanor Glyn, the novelist.  Her mother married Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon seventeen years ago, and about twelve years ago she started a dressmaker's shop in London, in Clifford Street.  She was one of the first society women to engage in business, and her firm, under the trade name of "Lucille, Limited," [sic] now in Hanover Square, does an ultra smart business.  Like her sister, she hails from Canada.  Miss Wallace is very pretty, and her finacé, Lord Tiverton, wrote a play, "Naughty Nancy," under the pen name of Oliver Bath.  It was presented at the Savoy.  Lord Halsbury, his father, has been three times Lord High Chancellor.

[Numerous paragrpahs, both before and after this one, have not been transcribed as they are irrelevant for present purposes.]

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