Mr G.Hagoian writes from 25, Chesilton Road, Fulham:- In the disaster to the Titanic Armenia has furnished more than her quota of unfortunate passengers. Six Armenians from Keghi, travelling to Marseilles, had proceeded to Cherbourg and taken passage in the Titanic. They were:-Haroutioun Der Zakarian (aged 35), Mamprè Der Zakarian (22), Neshan Krikorian (22), Sarkis Mardirosian (21), David Vartanian (20) and Arsen Siraganian (20). The first five were married men. Of these Neshan Krikorian and David Vartanian were among the saved, and are reported to be undergoing medical treatment at a hospital in New York.

Besides the four drowned in the above list the following also were drowned:- Sarkis Lahundian, Thomas Toumaian, with his little son, Simon Bedrosian, Khachig, Oksen Zakarian, Apcar Muradian, Bedros Yazbegian, 12 in all. Among the second class passengers Mrs Anna Hamalian was saved.

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