Sorrow in Jewish Home

Leeds Mercury

In the case of Mr. Herbert Klein, his home, his parents, his wife and children, are all in Leeds, and the Jewish community in the city has been moved to sympathy by the feared loss of one of the most popular of their young men.

Mr. Herbert Klein was thirty-three years of age, and ten years ago he married Cissie, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elkan Goldman, of Northfield-square, Leeds, the wedding being solemnized at the old Hebrew Congregation, Belgrave-street.

He was a barber, and had for the past eight or nine years been engaged on the Teutonic. His change for the Titanic came as a surprise to his relatives, to whom he wrote on the eve of his departure. His younger brother, who is also engaged in the capacity as a barber on the Saxonia, is at New York, where he had arranged to meet his elder brother. Only three years ago his brother was engaged on the Slavonic when she was wrecked.

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