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Message From Other World Upon

Titanic Disaster Goes Astray

at London Seance

Special Cable to the Examiner

London, Dec. 15---A curious dispute has arisen in connection with the spiritualistic seance arranged last night by Major General Sir Alfred Turner at the house of Cecil Husk, the noted medium, at which, according to those present, the spirit of the late W. T. Stead appeared and spoke to several persons present, among them being Lady Gordon, to whom, according to a reporter who was present, the spirit said:

"I believe we were fellow passengers on that fatal night," referring to the sinking of the Titanic.

It now seems that the Lady Gordon who was present was not Lady Duff Gordon, but Lady Edith Gordon, wife of Sir Home Gordon.  It was remarked that Lady Gordon did not reply to the spirit query and that she appeared to be "bewildered, awe-struck and unable to say a word."

The question is now asked, "Did Stead's spirit make a mistake or was the reporter in error?"  The latter stoutly maintains the correctness of his version of the incident.

The confusion of identity was discoverd today when the Chicago Examiner bureau correspondent called at the house of Lady Duff Gordon and learned that she had been in Paris for a week.

The Pall Mall Gazette referring to the seance says:

"A few years ago it would have been considered very unusual for any distinguished authority to treat these subjects seriously.  Today, however, it is only one of the signs of growing interest in psychical research."

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