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The body of Mr. William Carbines, of Nanjivey, St Ives, one of the "Titanic" victims, was brought to St. Ives from Southampton on Monday by the 10:14 a.m. train. It was expected that the remains would have been landed at Plymouth on Saturday from the "Oceanic" on which the deceased's brothers, Robert and James, sailed (with the body) from New York. But it was inconvenient to do this, and the corpse was taken to Southampton. The sad homecoming was witnessed by a large concourse of people who lined the terrace overlooking the railway station. The body, was received by Messrs. William and Robert Carbines (uncles), was conveyed in a hearse to a house adjoining the deceased's late home, there to await burial.
The funeral took place yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, and was witnessed by a very large number of residents. The cortege — which was very long — was made up as follows:— Members of the St. Ives Town Band—of which the deceased was at one time a member—carrying wreaths, hearse containing the coffin which enclosed the embalmed body, was of oak, stained to represent mahogany. The body, dressed in a black suit, with collar and tie, was visible through a glass slide. On the lid was a sheaf of wheat, and a small plate on which was engraved the following inscription — "William Carbines, died April 15th, 1912, aged 19." The fittings were of plated silver. The bearers were: — Messrs. S. Berriman, J. Williams (Captain), T. Nicholls, A. Curnow, J. H. James, J. James Curnow, and Jabez Curnow. Then came the mourners viz: — Mr. Nicholas Carbines (father), Mrs. Jane Carbines (mother), Messrs. Nicholas Carbines—recently returned home from mining in America—John, Robert and Thomas Carbines (brothers), Misses Elizabeth, Jane Paynter, Annie and Lily Carbines (sisters), Messrs. William, Robert and James Carbines, Samuel Cocking, P. B. Berriman, Phillip Dunstan, and T. J. Craze (uncles). Mesdames Annie Bryant, Mary Berriman, Bessie Dunstan, S. Cocking, James Carbines, T. J. Craze and W. Carbines (aunts). Messrs. George Bryant, Phillip Dunstan and Garnett Carbines, Misses Maggie Cocking, Bessie Dunstan, W. Carbines, Mary Carbines, Mrs. S. H. Stevens, Misses Lily Bryant, Lillie Bryant, Maggie Care, Mrs. P. Veale, Mr. W. S. Cocking, Captains James Carbines and J. H. Carbines, Mr. Richard Bryant, Mr. Thomas Bryant, Miss Lizzie Bryant, Mrs. Honor Quick, Mr. W. P. Craze, Miss Bessie Quick, Mrs. Bigwood, Mrs T. Wedge, Mrs. John Davis, Mrs. J. Anthony, and Mrs. S. Noall (cousins). The rest of the procession was made up of friends and other townsmen. All along the route, which the cortege took, people stood respectfully with uncovered heads, whilst all the houses in the Stennack had the blinds drawn.
On arrival at the cemetery a large number of people were waiting the procession. At the chapel door, Rev. W. A. Chettle B. A.—who officiated—met the coffin and recited the opening sentences of the burial service. In a prayer the rev gentleman asked God's mercy and comfort to descend on the parents, brothers and sisters who were mourning the loss of a member of their family circle, concluding with the hope that they would follow in His footsteps. Having read a portion of Revelations, 21st chapter, the cortege reformed to the graveside where the committal portion of the service was said. At a favourable opportunity Rev. W. A. Chettle made a short address over the grave, in the course of which he said a man's life was one long diary, in which all that happened during life was written down. But everything was not written in that diary. why? Because a plan has been made perhaps for a week, a month, or a year, and in the midst God intervened; making that diary incomplete. Their intended plans never went down in that diary. The plan of the deceased young fellow whom he had just committed to the grave, was probably to make a home and start a new life. Suddenly God interfered with that plan, and in a moment, so terrible in its mysteries, God called him. . The life deceased had intended to follow was never fulfilled, but was turned aside, completely around. And why? God held the life of each one of them in His hand; and He wanted their wills to obey His call. That was why God called deceased, as they knew He always did, no matter where they were. Their lives, their wills were In His hands; and they must always remember that their plans were different to His. By the death on Calvary they should realise that it was in obedience to the infinite will. Therefore he asked them to shape their wills to His and be prepared at the moment when God called them. They could hear God in all the walks of life, and it as their duty to reply.
The wreaths which were numerous and exquisite were as follows:- From mother, father, sisters and brothers, "To dear Willie with heartfelt sorrow"; from Uncle William Carbines and family, "In loving memory"; "In loving remembrance of our dear cousin," from Lillie and Lily Bryant; bouquet of flowers "With sincere sympathy," from Mrs. Pond and Mrs. Paddon; cross, "With sincere sympathy," from M. J. Berriman and sisters; "In loving remembrance of our dear Willie." from the family at Bahavalla; bunch of flowers from, from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell; "With kind remembrance," from Mr. and Mrs. Yelland; from R. and J. H. Care, "A token of sincere sympathy"; cross, "A tribute of sincere sympathy," from Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholls; "With loving sympathy," from Cousin Honor and family; cross, "In loving remembrance," from Mrs. W. Phillips and family; bunch of flowers from Mrs. Rosewall and family; "With loving sympathy," from Aunt M. A. Carbines and Ellen; bunch of flowers, "With kind remembrance," from Mrs. Harris and family, "With heartfelt sympathy," from Mrs. Maggie Hollow; "With heartfelt sorrow," from Miss Lillie Andrews; artificial wreath, from members of the St. Ives Town Band, "In loving memory"; cross, "With deepest sympathy," from Mr. and Mrs. Reid and family; "In loving remembrance," from Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Berriman and family, Hellesveor Farm, cross, "To dear Willie," from Annie, Hellesvoer Farm.

Mr. and Mrs. NICHOLAS CARBINES AND FAMILY of Nanjivey, desire to return grateful thanks for all expressions of sympathy in their sad bereavement; to those who attended the funeral and the donors of wreaths.

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