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Theophile Papin, Jr., and Wealthy Miss Madill Among the Missourians
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ST. LOUIS, Mo., April 15---Among the St. Louis folk on the Titanic were Mrs. Edward Robert of 4,140 Lindell Avenue, her daughter, Miss Georgette A. Madill, and her niece, Miss Elizabeth Allen. Mrs. Robert was formerly the wife of Judge George A. Madill. Miss Madill, although but 15 years old, receives an annual allowance of $7,500 far clothes and spending money by order of the Probate Court. Miss Allen is the daughter of the late George Allen and went to Europe in January, 1911.

Theophile Papin, Jr., was also a passenger but it is not known whether he is the head of the Papin & Tontrup Realty Company. The realty man expected, however, to sail on the Titanic. He is a member of one of the old St. Louis families and is 55 years old. He has been in the real estate business here since 1882. He is prominent in society and is a noted art connoisseur, spending much of his time in Europe in search of old masterpieces.

[MAB Note: Mr. Papin seems to have missed the ship; he's not on ET's passenger list.]

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