Stead's Brother Indignant-Asks What Right Ismay Saved from Wreck

Providence Journal

London, April 20, 1912- Alfred Stead, brother of William T. Stead who went down with the Titanic is thoroughly aroused over the circumstances under which so many persons went to their doom in the waters of the north Atlantic. He said yesterday: "Speaking of Mr. Ismay, by what right was he saved? He was higher in the White Star service than the captain of the Titanic. Why did he not stick to the ship and share the fate of the victims of the line's faults and misfortunes? If he had been picked out of the water, one could excuse him-but it is said here that he took a place in a boat-a place which certainly belonged to some woman or man for whose life White Star had assumed responsibility. True American indignation is easily understood and I hope all the facts in the affair will be ruthlessly brought to light."

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