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We're So Busy, He Thinks, We Don't Realize What Our Mission is

William T. Stead, editor of The London Review of Reviews, made his
last address on his present visit to this country before the Young
Men's Christian Association in the Majestic Theatre yesterday. After
again explaining his plan for an international pilgrimage of prominent
men and women to the principal cities of the world in the interest of
peace, he said that his visit here had been one of the happiest and most
instructive of his life. America, he said, had a great international
mission to perform, but Americans were so busy that they did not realize
it yet.

"In some respects," said Mr. Stead, "I think a monarchical form of
government is superior to a republican form. For instance, we sometimes
give the women a chance to rule us, and then again we allow our rulers
to go visiting. Over here you won't let your President get out at your
sight. And by this I do not not mean to say that your President has not
all the business at home that he can possibly attend to."

America, Mr. Stead said, is the Nation to take the initiative in the
peace movement. He then suggested the international pilgrimage to the
countries of the world as a feasible plan by which to educate the people
up to the necessities and advantages of universal peace.

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