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First Direct Personal Message Received from Jersey Folk in the Disaster


Direct intelligence from Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Henry Stengel, of this city, now on the rescue ship Carpathia, was received here this afternoon by wireless. It was the first personal message from the Jersey folk who were on the Titanic and came to Ivan Stengel at the leather factory of Stengel and Rothschild, at Maine and Kossuth streets, at 1:30 o’clock. The message, which came by way of Halifax, reads as follows:“Both on Carpathia. Have two automobiles to meet Carpathia. Have some survivors with us. HENRY STENGEL.”The last sentence has been taken to mean that Mr. Stengel has offered assistance to some of his fellow passengers on the Titanic, who have been crippled by the disaster.Although the Stengels had been informed from the first that Mr. and Mrs. Stengel were among the rescued, the wireless brought much comfort and cheer.

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