Newark Evening News

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Henry Stengel, of Newark, survivors of the Titanic disaster, are bringing with them to this city Mrs. and Miss Daisy Minahan, of Green Bay, Wis. A message addressed to “Miss Daisy Minahan, survivor of the Titanic,” was received at the Stengel home, 1075 Broad street, last night. It was from R. E. Minahan at Green Bay, who is hurrying to the Stengel home to meet his mother and sister.

Members of the Stengel family here say that they do not know the Minahan family, and that it is likely that Mr. Stengel invited them to accompany him to his home, where they would be looked after until they could meet friends from Wisconsin. According to the lists published of the Titanic’s passengers, Mrs. and Miss Minahan were rescued, but Mr. Minahan, who accompanied them, lost his life.

Up to noon there was no further word from Mr. and Mrs. Stengel. The last dispatch came via Halifax yesterday from Mr. Stengel, and asked his son, Ivan Stengel, to meet the Carpathia with two automobiles, and added that there were survivors with him.

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