Titanic: The Board Game – Centennial Collector’s Edition

“The year is 1912. You’re on the most luxurious ocean liner in history. But are you ready for what’s next?”

Titanic: The Board Game – Centennial Collector’s Edition

This classic board game of intrigue, luck, and survival has been enjoyed by adults and children alike since it was first released in 1998.

Gossip with other passengers, receive telegrams and collect all five pieces of your personal property to advance from Second Class to the First Class section of the ship. But watch out, you might get put back into steerage, or worse yet, never make it to your lifeboat on time. This enriching and historical game based on one of the most famous nautical accidents of all time is perfect for ages 7 to adult and accommodates 2-6 players.

Rich imagery, imaginative passports and telegraphs, and a fact sheet about the Titanic make the game a great teaching tool for children and adults alike.

Complete with an oversized game board, players will choose their persona and make their way through the ship to collect their belongings and make it to the life rafts. There are two different styles of play based on the class of character chosen. One player acts as the banker for the game; doling or our collecting money from the passengers as needed.

Age range: 7 to adult
Play time: 90 minutes
Skills: reading, counting, rolling die, role play

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