STORM STOPS NEWS: Sable Island Communicates Briefly with the Carpathia.

Worcester Telegram

The wireless station at Sable Island was in communication for a time this morning with the Cunarder Carpathia, bound for New York with the survivors of the Titanic on board.

The Carpathia reported that 20 icebergs were sighted off the banks near where the Titanic sank, but no details of the disaster were sent.

The wireless station reported a violent electrical storm off Sable island, early today, which cut off communication with the Carpathia at that time.

Communication with the Carpathia is greatly hampered by the maze of wireless flashes that are being sent out by the fleet of steamers dotting the ocean, all seeking news of the Titanic disaster.

Apparently not until the Carpathia gets out of range of these ships will anything filter through.

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