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Anniversary of Titanic Disaster Marked by Two Meetings
Memorial services for Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus, who lost their lives in the Titanic disaster, were held yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock in the Straus Memorial Hall of the Educational Alliance, East Broadway and Jefferson Street. The Mourners' Kaddish Prayer was read by Rabbi Jacob Tarlau of the People's Synagogue, and a memorial address was delivered by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Greenbaum, President of the Educational Alllance.

"It is appropriate that the Kaddish Prayer should be read on this occasion," said Justice Greenbaum, "because it is the final expression of all that was meant by the home. I would like to impress, especially on the boys and girls here, the lesson to be learned from the life of Isidor and Ida Straus. In one aspect their left typified the idea of a Jewish home, where the parents were respected and loved by their children and where they loved their children---all working together in harmony. Mrs. Straus was an ideal mother and a model Jewess. I trust as our memorial for this couple takes place, that we will always remember they stood for the sanctity of the home. I ask you to keep that as an ideal before you. If you do that you will become ideal husbands and wives, ideal fathers and mothers.

"This institution was peculiarly a sufferer by that calamity which befell a year ago to-day, and it is therefore appropriate that we should thus recall the memories of those who were so dear to us."

Speaking at a memorial meeting in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Straus, held last night at Public School 62, Hester and Essex Street, attended by more than 1,000 persons on the east side who remember gratefully the many charities of theman [sic] and woman whose lives they gathered to commemorate, Joseph Barondess, member of the Board of Education, recalled the achievements of Isidor Straus as a statesman, merchant, and philanthropist.

"Few people are aware that Isidor Straus was a statesman," said Mr. Barondess. "He was an authority on the question of tariff laws. He was conversant with the industrial and commercial conditions prevailing in all European countries, and he was Grover Cleveland's constant adviser on those questions. Few people know that he was a scholar and loved his books. In his work as President of the Educational Alliance he rendered the cause of education in our city, and particularly the education of the Jewish people, the greatest possible service.

"It was through the executive ability of Isidor Straus that the Educational Alliance has become the potent factor for good that it is to-day. How does it happen, then, that a man so active and so useful to the community in the uplift of his fellow men is not so well known to all the people by his virtues and attainments? It is just because Mr. Straus was always eager to efface himself, to merge, even to eradicate, his personality for the sake of a great cause.

"It is futile for me to attempt to do justice to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus. The noble and heroic manner in which they laid down their lives for the sake, to the glory, of humanity is their everlasting monument. The people of this free land will forever cherish their memory, but here among us in New York they have never died. They have lived with and for us, and their memory serves as a beacon light to guide us in the path of rectitude."

Others who paid tributes to the memory of Mr. and Mrs. Straus were Supreme Court Justice Samuel Greenbaum, Edward Lauterbach, the Rev. Harry Nasliansky of the Educational Alliance, and Nissim Behar.


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