Student at Drake university, was a passenger on the wrecked Titanic

Des Moines Tribune

Ernest Tomlin of London, England, a student at Drake university, was a passenger on the wrecked Titanic, according to Will Mander and A. H. Cook, both students at Drake, natives of England and personal friends of Mr. Tomlin.

Mr. Mander and Mr. Cook received a letter last week from Mr. Tomlin, who announced that he was returning to school and would sail from Southampton on April 10. The Titanic was the only boat that left Southampton on that date and Mr. Tomlin's friends in Des Moines are sure that their friends and classmate was among the passengers on the ill fated steamship. Mr. Tomlin, who is 22 years of age, has attended Drake university for two years, studying for the ministry. He became ill last year and returned to London to recuperate.

Mr. Mander, whose home is in Birmingham, Eng., is a personal friend of Mr. Tomlin....'I came over from England with Mr. Tomlin four years ago to study at Drake university,' said Mr. Cook. 'He attended school at Drake for more than two years and left for home last year on account of sickness...

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