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Dentist Claims $7,500 for Services to Daughter of Titanic Victim
Dr. Asher F. F. Buxbaum, a dentist, has started suit against the executors of Benjamin Guggenheim to recover $7,500 for treatment given to Miss Marguerite Guggenheim in April, 1911. Miss Guggenheim was thrown from her saddle horse, fracturing her lower jaw, and her consultation with Dr. Buxbaum was a result of the accident.

The dentist, in his complaint, says that he treated Miss Guggenheim many times, both at his office and at her home at the Hotel St. Regis, and among other things "replanted a tooth in her upper jaw; made gold splints for both jaws, aided in taking an X-ray photograph, and, in the presence of three other physicians, hammered the fractured portions of the lower jaw into position and put a splint on it."

Hirsch, Scheuerman & Limburg represent the plaintiff and Leventritt, Cook & Nathan represent the Guggenheim executors.

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