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Dr. Washington Dodge died early today in St. Francis Hospital as the result of a bullet wound which he inflicted June 21 while in a fit of despondency brought on by illness.
The shooting occurred in the garage of an apartment house, 840 Powell street, where Dr. Dodge lived with his wife, son and step-daughter. They were all in their rooms.
A few minutes after Dr. Dodge had fired the bullet into his skull he managed to stagger to the automatic elevator and crawl into it. He forgot, however, to shut the door after pressing the button. A porter on one of the upper floors shouted down to close the door, thinking someone was trying to use the car and did not fully understand its operation. The wounded man was still conscious enough to obey and did so.
When the elevator reached the lobby Dr. Dodge opened the door again and staggered out, falling to the floor. He was rushed to his apartment and later removed to the hospital. Dr. Dodge shot himself just a day prior to the time fixed for him to accompany his wife and family on a trip to Santa Barbara. He had been ill for more than a year.
For many years Dr. Dodge was conspicuous in San Francisco public life. He began as physician, soon reaching the top of the profession and enjoying a large practice. He was elected supervisor in 1896 and at the end of his term was elected assessor. Three times he was elected to this office.
In 1912 he resigned to accept the presidency of the Anglo and London Paris National Bank. That same year he visited Europe and returning was a passenger on the ill-fated Titanic, which struck an iceberg and sank.
Dr. Dodge was born in Sonora, California in 1859.

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