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Anna Kelly, 17 years old, who says she was the last woman to leave the Titanic, arrived in Chicago last night and was taken to he home of her cousin, Miss Anna Garvey, 303 Eugenie street. Her sisters, Beatrice and Marguerite, live at the same address.

“I am positive that I was the last woman to leave the sinking Titanic and be rescued,” said Miss Kelly. “There was a crowd of us standing on the second deck of the ship, with water nearly to our knees. The crew ordered me into the boat and told others to wait and take the next boat, which would be launched immediately.

“We were lowered and the crew started pulling the lifeboat away. It seemed scarcely two minutes later when I saw two other boats following us. I could just sea them dimly, when the lights on the ship suddenly went out: Then I saw the two boats pulled back in their wake. The oarsmen struggled hard to pull them away, but were too late. The two boats went down in the suction of the Titanic as it went to the bottom.

Chicago Record Herald, Tuesday, April 23, 1912, p. 2, c. 5 (item):

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