Survivor of Wrecked Titanic Comes to Live Here as Bride

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Survivor of Wrecked Titanic Comes to Live Here as Bride

Mr and Mrs Bert Pickett

Though Trenton lost two prominent residents by the sinking of the Titanic last spring, this city today also has a survivor in the person of Mrs Bert Pickett of 140 Passaic St., who came here this week.

Mrs Pickett was formerly Miss Annie Perrault of Montréal, Canada.

She was married in St Mary's rectory here Monday night by Monsignor Fox to Mr. Pickett who is an employee of the Mercer Automobile Company.  Mr. and Mrs. Pickett are now residing on Passaic Street.

A peculiar coincidence is the fact that Washington Roebling, II, lost on the Titanic, was also connected with the Mercer works.

Mrs. Pickett has made several trips across the 'pond' but her last journey was made on the ill-fated Titanic.  Mrs. Pickett was taken off in lifeboat number 13 and after five hours of suffering was rescued by the Carpathia.  It will be remembered that boat 13 was the one which caused so much trouble when released from the Titanic blocks.

Mrs. Picket tells most interestingly her experiences when the boat began to sink, in the lifeboat and has nothing but words of the highest praise for the officers and passengers on the Carpathia.  She is today none the worse for her experience.  She has no knowledge of ever having seen Mr. Roabling or Mr. Blackwell.  The Trentonians who were lost.

Mrs. Picket is of eEnglish descent and Mr Pickett is a typical Englishman.  He cam to this country last July from  Egham, Surrey, England.  He and his wife expect to reside permanently in Trenton.

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