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Thomas Percy Oxenham, 22 years old, brother of Charles Oxenham, of 966Tonnele avenue, New Durham, is now resting after his frightfulexperience in the Titanic wreck. He came from Pondersend, Eng., to livewith his North Hudson relative.Just how his rescue was brought about he does not know, but says thelast he remembers was being half pushed, half carried to a lifeboat. Achum, Walter Harris, married secretly in England some time ago, was withhim until he reached the lifeboat. Then the two were separated. Harrishas not been found. He leaves a young wife and child in England.Considerable difficulty was experienced by the Hudson Observerrepresentative in getting any information from the Oxenhams. Thebrother at first would not permit conversation with the survivor. Hefinally demanded that the questioning cease, for the good of the youngman. He declared that rest was needed by him, and told him he had beenpicked up by the Carpathia, clad only in a night shirt. The survivorspoke but briefly and did not seem to remember a great deal of what hadhappened."My mind is in a daze," he said. "The whole thing is like a terribledream. I cannot think the Titanic is so deep down in the sea. All thathappened seems to me to have taken place years ago"I remember my Chum Walter Harris being with me. We were second cabinpassengers and one of the stewards awakened us after the crash. We gotto the deck somehow, and then I forget what happened. After that I wokeup in a boat. All of the other horrible things that happened have beendescribed I the papers. I do not want to talk. I need a long rest andwill say nothing until I feel better. The shock and exposure have doneme up awful bad."After the survivor's brother had indicated that the reporter had betterdepart, he stood for a time at the door."I do not think his mind has been affected permanently. He has periodsof melancholy and forgetfulness at intervals. He must have a good rest,and I am going to see to it that he does. I had to get clothes for himbefore he left the Carpathia," Charles Oxenham said.Finally, when pressed with some further questions, Oxenham smiled."You are trying to pump me now. I have met your sort before."He was asked if any of the officials of the steamship company hadinduced his brother not to talk of the wreck. He flatly refused to discuss the matter, and would not reply to a query at to whether or not anyone connected with the concern had "seen" his brother.

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