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One of the survivors of the Titanic, Miss Edwina Trout, of Bath, England, is the guest of Miss Jennie Holwell, of 209 Bellevue avenue, Upper Montclair.

“I can never forget the experience,” said Miss Trout today. “ As we pulled away from the ship the men in our boat sang ‘Pull for the Shore.’ At the same time we could hear the strains of the band on the doomed vessel, playing ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee.’ Oh, it was awful!”

Miss Trout said that she had not realized the seriousness of the situation on the fated liner at first and was reluctant to enter a boat. A man with several children appealed for some one to care for one of the tots and she volunteered to do so. She was then hustled into a boat. Upon reaching the Carpathia, she said, she had the satisfaction of restoring the baby to its parents. They had escaped with their other children in another boat.

It was one of the last boats to leave the ship into which she was put, Miss Trout declared. The Titanic sank within a half hour. She did not suffer with cold, she explained, for she and the baby in her arms were well wrapped in a

Miss Trout speaks in praise of the treatment given her by those on the Carpathia. The parents of the baby she carried were steerage passengers from southern Europe. She did not know their names, she concluded.

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