Talked With Stead's Spirit, Woman Says

White Plains Daily Argus

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Pittsburgh, April 24 - "Happy, but preparing to be with us in the spirit," was the way Mrs. Mary L. Feldman of Carrick, a delegate to the fifth annual convention of the Pennsylvania State Spiritualist association, in session in the First church here, gave to the convention the message from Editor W. T. Stead, who went down with the Titanic.

Mrs. Feldman said she got into communication with the spirit of the author just a week after the disaster.

Mrs. Feldman gave the details of her talk with Mr. Stead, who had been expected to make an address at the local convention during his stay in this country.  According to Mrs. Feldman, Mr. Stead told her he was awakened out of a deep sleep by the violent rush of the waves and of the tread of the people as they ran to and fro over the deck.

"He appeared to me," said Mrs. Feldman, "just as he was as his spirit passed out of the body.  He was sitting up in his berth, with one foot on the floor of the cabin."

"I inquired if he had any message.  He replied that he was very busy now but that he would be with us later."


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