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The Caldwell Family

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The Caldwell Family

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  1. Lisa Calldwell said:

    This is very Interesting, as I am a Caldwell! I wonder if we are related?

  2. Gary Caldwell said:

    Hi Lisa,,,,I to am a Caldwell,,,,I was wondering the same thing,,

  3. Courtney Caldwell said:

    My husband is related to the Caldwells that sailed on the Titanic...

  4. Beatrice Caldwell Planden said:

    I am a Caldwell also, and wonder if we have a connection. My Great Grandfather Hugh Caldwell came from Glasgow, Scotland about 188? and settled in Peterborough County, Canada.

  5. Michelle Colwell said:

    Hi Lisa, I’m just wondering, since the Caldwell name can be also Colwell if we’re related. Please let me know. Thanks

  6. Charles Caldwell said:

    The picture shows my grandparents and uncle. Joseph Caldwell arrived in PA from Derry, Ireland sometime after c1760. My line derived from James who was born that year in Derry. James married Sarah Byram whose lineage goes back to John Alden of The Mayflower, explaining my uncle’s first name. Some of James siblings headed south to VA and TN. If you are Scots-Irish Presbyterian with first immigrant ancestors from around Pittsburgh, then you may be related.

  7. Fiona Mortimer said:

    Mr father was a Caldwell from Paisley Scotland

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