The facts that stick out In the greatest of marine disasters

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

  • Seven hundred and five survivors, most of them women.
  • Titanic sank, bow foremost, with 1,505 souls aboard, captain at bridge, colors flying and band playing “Nearer, My God, to Thee.”
  • Splendid heroism of those who remained behind to find a watery grave that women might live.
  • Many women stayed behind to die in their husband’s arms.
  • Titanic was making twenty-one knots an hour when she struck the iceberg.
  • No one at first through that she would sink.
  • Iceberg ripped open her bowels below water line.
  • Instant panic avoided by Captain Smith’s terse appeal to crew, “Be British, my men.”
  • Small number of steerage passengers tried to rush for lifeboats and were hel back by crew and other passengers.
  • Titanic turned her nose for the bottom when last lifeboat was less than a hundred yards away, reared her stern high in the air and trembled for a moment before seeking the bottom.
  • Two explosions when the inrushing waters reached her boilers.
  • When she sank there was silence: a moment later the cries and supplications of fifteen hundred dying men rose in chorus indescribable over the spot where she went down.
  • For hours survivors rowed in lifeboats over a calm sea in bitter cold until Carpathia picked them up.
  • In the aftermath today of the disaster, the principal developments are the testimony of J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of White Star Line, before the Senate Investigating Committee.
  • Removal of surviving members of the Titanic crew aboard the Lapland.


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