The Sun (New York)

Mother, Widowed by Titanic Disaster, Comes Here With 5 Children
In the steerage of the White Star liner Baltic, which arrived yesterday,
came Mrs. Katy Kelly and her family of five. The family is Katy, 18 years
old; Mary, 16 years; Bridget, 11 years; William, 10 years, and James, 7
years. Their father, William Kelly, sold the home in County Kildare,
Ireland, last spring and with the money in a belt started to find a new home
in America. He came in the steerage of the Titanic and lost his life.

The White Star Line gave his widow and children free passage by the Baltic
and they are going now to New Haven, Conn., where John Kelly, a brother of
the father, is living.

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