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The late Mr Frank Andrew

MR. FRANK ANDREW, of Pencoys, formerly of Lanner, who is missing. There is now no hope that he was saved.


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The late Mr Frank Andrew

On Sunday evening at St. Andrew's Church, the vicar (the Rev. R. Prior) preached an impressive and appropriate sermon to a large congregation. Taking as his text Psalm cvii., verses 23 and 24 he made special reference to the Titanic disaster. The service seemed more impressive, as Mr Frank Andrew, a highly-respected inhabitant of Pencoys, lost his lfe on board the ill-fated ship. He leaves a widow and one child to mourn his loss, for whom the greatest sympathy is felt.

The offerings next sunday will be for those suffering from the Titanic disaster. The sermons will be preached by the Rev. W. J. Wyon, rector of Ufford, Suffolk.

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  1. reving19 said:

    I went to a Titanic exhibit today in Houston. They give you a "boarding pass" upon entering the exhibit with the name of a passenger or crew member who was on board the Titanic. At the end, you can find out if the person survived or not. Today, I was given Mr. Andrew's "boarding pass." I came here to find out a little about him. He sounded like he was a good man. May he and the rest of the victims rest in peace.

  2. Molly (2132) said:

    I went to the Titanic exhibit in Las Vegas yesterday and my husband received Mr.Andrew's boarding pass as well. It was nice to be able to come here and see a picture of him and find out more about his life. Such a great exhibit!

  3. Cory Shannon said:

    Today I was given his boarding pass as well, which lead me here to find out more about him. Very good exhibit at The Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tn.

  4. Cory Shannon said:

    I got his boarding pass today as well, which led me here to learn more about him. Very good exhibit at The Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tn.

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